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Wondering how to manage a sports team or development squad without the stress? TeamsApp is the modern sports team management app that helps grassroots coaches and administrators organise fixtures, training and communications, all in one place.

Do you coach a youth team that strives for excellence? Do you want your sports club to run as smoothly as possible? TeamsApp is just what you need! Built to support the needs of all sports team, from GAA to Basketball to Soccer to Olympic Handball to Rugby, TeamsApp includes easy and accessible features to schedule training, manage matches, and everything in between.


Team Schedule

Set training and league fixtures once for both coaches and players.

Fixture Preparation

Save time preparing starting positions and team sheets.

Smart Messaging

Ensure that important team notifications are not lost in the noise.

and More

Player medical conditions, attendance records, individual player feedback, ...

Team Schedule

Manage your team's schedule and always keep coaches and players updated, even when things change. All scheduling models are supported, with special support for multi-team panels, players playing up and "turn up and play".

Team Calendar

Schedule training, league matches and excursions involving full or partial squads, all in one place.

Player Availability

Request and track player availability, even weeks in advance, and pre-empt fixture conflicts

'Borrowed' Players

Players requested from younger age-group are automatically included as native, including messaging, but only for the one game.


Fixture Preparation

Reduce time spent on preparing for league fixtures, even for multi-team panels, and spend your time in the dressing room getting the players ready for the game.

Team Sheets

Prepare starting position, assign jersey numbers and generate your team sheet with one click.

Match Play

Record scores, attempts at score, striker and assists and turn-overs, as they happen, live from the side-line. Use match stats and history to help prepare in advance of the next encounter.

Coordinate Lifts

Know who's travelling direct; who needs a lift, and who can bring one or more to away fixtures.


Smart Messaging

Communicate with coaches, the full squad, or just those still to confirm for a game, without the headache of setting up yet another group.

Response Types

Choose from four chat modes to control privacy and response visibility, or even if a response is needed.


Automated reminders for training and matches. Instant notification of date / time / location changes or cancellation. Intelligent message archival for a tidier inbox

Ideal for Youth

Safeguarded and suitable for including youth players in feedback without exposing their direct contact detals.


How much does it cost?

We believe in helping coaches who volunteer to manage their team and correspondingly operate on a voluntary pricing model: you decide if or how much TeamsApp is worth.

TeamsApp is free for players and parents.
No third-party advertising.
No tracking cookies.

Using TeamsApp for your club brings many additional benefits. Contact us for more details.


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